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Photo: Duplication of dorsal axis organs in a Xenopus embryos after injection of Xwnt-8 mRNA. Courtesey of Jeffrey Brown and Randall Moon

For teaching BIO 349, I use my own text: Analysis of Biological Development (2nd ed. 2001), McGraw-Hill, ISBN # 0-07-033308-4. Being designed specifically for this type of course, the text covers the classical, genetic, and molecular analysis of embryonic development. In addition, the text contains remedial chapters and method boxes for background in cell biology, genetics, and molecular biology.

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Brief Table of Contents

Expanded Table of Contents Part I From Gametogenesis to Histogenesis

Expanded Table of Contents Part II Control of Gene Expression in Development

Expanded Table of Contents Part III Selected Topics in Developmental Biology

The text is currently out of print. However, there are many copies on the used textbook market. You can also buy - for less than the used-book price - an electronic version of the text from Primis eBooks. They offer you two formats. First, you can buy a pdf file to download to one computer only. Second, you can buy about 3,600 page views, which means you can view every one of the 900 book pages four times, or one page 3,600 times, or any combination in between. And you can do this from any computer with an internet connection.

I also maintain as part of this web site a large file with Answers, Comments, and Updates for my textbook. For each book chapter, there is a page with sections for comments and questions, corrections of errors, and references to new review articles as well as new research articles.

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