BIO 349 Developmental Biology (K. Kalthoff)
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This page contains only semester-specific information, which will be updated for each semester when this course is being taught by Dr. Kalthoff. For general information please go to the Home Page.



BIO 349 is normally offered each long semester, and sometimes in the summer as well.


Fall 2006

First Lecture Day:         	Thursday, 31 August
First Discussion Sections:	Monday, 11 September
Last Day of Class:          Thursday, 7 December
First Midterm Exam:         Thursday, 12 October
Second Midterm Exam:        Thursday, 16 November
Final Exam:                 Tuesday, 19 December, 9am - 12noon

Lectures:                   TTh 8-9:30 a.m. in WEL 2.122

Discussion Sections:        
53245 M 8-9 in RLM 5.126
53250 M 9-10 in RLM 6.116
53255 W 1-2 in RAS 211B
53260 W 2-3 in RAS 211B

Teaching Assistant:         Howard Wang
Office/Hours:               Mo 10-11, or by appointment
Phone:						475-7562

Grader:                     Howard Wang

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