BIO 349 Developmental Biology (K. Kalthoff)

Photo: Scanning electron micrograph of a somitomere, that is, the rudiment of a segemental unit of mesoderm in a chicken embryo. The "hub" of the somitomere is formed by cell extensions called microvilli. The embryo is viewed from the ventral side, with much of the endoderm (prospective gut) peeled away. Anterior is to the bottom left. Photo by Stephen Meier, courtesy of Antone Jacobson.


(Fall 2006)

Aug 31 Classic and Genetic Analysis of Development [01]
Sep 05 Gametogenesis [03]
07 Fertilization [04]
12 Cleavage [05]
14 Cell Fate, Potency, and Determination [06]
19 Genomic Equivalence and the Cytoplasmic Environment [07]
21 Localized Cytoplasmic Determinants [08]
26 Gastrulation [10]
28 Cell Adhesion and Morphogenesis [11]
Oct 03 Neurulation and Axis Induction [12]
05 Ectodermal Organs [13]
10 Endodermal and Mesodermal Organs [14]
17 The Use of Mutants and Transgenic Organisms in the Analysis of Development [15]
19 Transcriptional Control [16]
24 RNA Processing [17]
26 Translational Control and Posttranslational Modifications [18]
31 Genetic and Paragenetic Information [19]
Nov 2 Pattern Formation and Embryonic Fields [21]
07 Genetic and Molecular Analysis of Pattern Formation in the Drosophila Embryo [22], Part a
09 Genetic and Molecular Analysis of Pattern Formation in the Drosophila Embryo [22], Part b
14 The Role of Hox Genes in Vertebrate Development [23]
21 Localization, Induction, and Gene Activity in C. elegans Development
23 Thanksgiving Holiday
28 Sex Determination [26]
30  Hormonal Control of Development [27]
Dec 05 Organismic Growth and Oncogenes [28] Deadline for Minipapers: 8 am
07 Review Session, Course Evaluation
19 FINAL EXAM, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, 9am - 12 noon

* To find out what parts of the Textbook chapter will be discussed under each topic, look in the package of outlines that you will receive at the beginning of the course.

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