BIO 349 Developmental Biology (K. Kalthoff)

Books on Reserve

The textbook for this course is "Analysis of Biological Development" by Klaus Kalthoff (2nd ed. 2001), McGraw-Hill, ISBN # 0-07-118078-8. I wrote this text specifically for this type of course, which includes the classical, genetic, and molecular analysis of development.

In addition, the following books will be held on reserve in the Life Sciences Library when I am teaching this course.

Carlson B.M. (1994) Human Embryology and Developmental Biology, St. Louis, Mosby
Langman J. (1981) Medical Embryology, Fourth Edition, Baltimore/London, Williams and Wilkins
Alberts B., Bray D., Lewis J., Raff M., Roberts K., and Watson J.D. (2002) Molecular Biology of The Cell, 4th edition, New New York, Garland Publishing
Lodish H., Berk A., Zipurski L., Matsudaira P., Baltimore, D., and Darnell J. (1999) Molecular Cell Biology, 4th edition, Bedford, Freeman & Worth

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