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Old Exams

This web site allows you to view exams that were given to previous ZOO 321 (course number through 1999) classes. Many students have asked me to make these old exams available to them, and I am complying, although with some reluctance. Some students have become upset when they found old exam questions asking for specifics that were not covered in the rendition of the course that they attended. My lectures may change as the field of developmental biology and my perception of it evolve. Thus, an issue that I emphasized two years ago may currently be treated more lightly or not at all. If this has you excessively worried, it may be more helpful for you to use other methods of exam preparation. I recommend the procedures described under How to Study Effectively in This Course. If you still want to see those old exams, help yourself by clicking any of the classes below.

Summer 94

Fall 94

Fall 95

Spring 96

Summmer 96

Fall 96

Summmer 97

Fall 97

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