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This site is for students and instructors in developmental biology courses,
such as BIO 349 at UT Austin, to exchange ideas about their subject matter.
It contains answers to questions posed in my textbook as well as comments and updates.

I have structured this page according to the chapters of my textbook, Analysis of Biological Development. ??

By clicking on any one of the chapters listed further below, you will find answers to questions posed in the text as well as comments, corrections, and updates pertaining to that chapter. If you wish to add something please send me an e-mail; a comment box is added at the bottom of this page for your convenience. If you have general comments that do not fit any particular book chapter I will use the "General Comments" section for those.

The usefulness of this site will depend in part on your participation! I would appreciate feedback from instructors and students about using this text: What worked well or not so well? Are there any misleading errors (not just typos)? What do you suggest to add or delete in the next edition? Have you used any movies, tutorials, or other teaching aids that have helped you to present or comprehend this material?

Part I: From Gametogenesis to Histogenesis

Chapter 01 Analysis of Development --- Chapter 02 The Role of Cells in Development --- Chapter 03 Gametogenesis --- Chapter 04 Fertilization --- Chapter 05 Cleavage --- Chapter 06 Cell Fate, Potency, and Determination --- Chapter 07 Genomic Equivalence and the Cytoplasmic Environment --- Chapter 08 Localized Cytoplasmic Determinants --- Chapter 09 Axis Formation and Mesoderm Induction --- Chapter 10 Gastrulation --- Chapter 11 Cell Adhesion and Morphogenesis --- Chapter 12 Neurulation and Axis Induction --- Chapter 13 Ectodermal Organs --- Chapter 14 Endodermal and Mesodermal Organs

Part II: Control of Gene Expression in Development

Chapter 15 The Use of Mutants and Transgenic Organisms in the Analysis of Development --- Chapter 16 Transcriptional Control --- Chapter 17 RNA Processing --- Chapter 18 Translational Control and Posttranslational Modifications --- Chapter 19 Genetic and Paragenetic Information

Part III: Selected Topics in Developmental Biology

Chapter 20 Cell Differentiation --- Chapter 21 Pattern Formation and Embryonic Fields --- Chapter 22 Genetic and Molecular Analysis of Pattern Formation in the Drosophila Embryo --- Chapter 23 The Role of Hox Genes in Vertebrate Development --- Chapter 24 Genetic and Molecular Analysis of Pattern Formation in Plants --- Chapter 25 Experimental and Genetic Analysis of Caenorhabditis elegans Development --- Chapter 26 Sex Determination --- Chapter 27 Hormonal Control of Development --- Chapter 28 Organismic Growth and Oncogenes --- Chapter 29 Senescence

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