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Your principal sources of written information for BIO 346 are the textbook, assigned journal articles, and this website. The syllabus indicates for each date the lecture topic and the assigned readings for discussion section on that day. Each lecture topic has a bracketed number [1 through 27] that will key you to the corresponding textbook chapter and web pages. For most of the assigned readings, there is a bulleted list of exercise questions at the end of the corresponding textbook chapter. A few assigned readings have been addded after the book went to print; updated exercise questions for these readings are posted on this web site.

The textbook for this course is Kalthoff, K. (2010) Human Biology: Evolution, Genetics, Behavior, and Impact on the Environment. Dubuque, Kendall Hunt. I have worked hard on this book, and I hope you will like it. The textbook is available at the University Coop. To keep the sales price down, the publisher and I decided to limit the number of illustrations, and to print only in black-and-white. However, expanded sets of PowerPoint illustrations, most of them in color, will be shown during lecture and are posted on this website. The University COOP should have the book on the shelf; the responsible Course Materials Coordinator is Oscar Rodriguez. Before you buy a used copy make sure previous owners have not torn out exersise questions or other pages. You can also order the text online by using the following link.

The assigned readings are articles from peer-refereed journals. These articles are linked as pdf files to the syllabus. If you prefer to use hard copies of these articles, you may print such copies for your personal use on your own printer or in any computer lab. To make sure you understood the essential parts of an assigned reading, you may want to use the associated exercise questions. In most cases, you will find these questions at the end of the textbook chapter to which the reading is assigned. For some chapters, I have updated the assigned readings after the textbook went to print. In these cases, click the following link for new exercise questions.

It is essential that you familiarize yourself with the relevant textbook chapter and the assigned readings before they come up in class. This way, you will get much more out of lectures and discussions than you would if you came in "cold". You may find it useful to bring your copy of the textbook to class so that you can mark difficult passages for later clarification and jot down down extra comments while avoiding unnecessary note-taking.

The course website contains additional material such as the pdf files of the PowerPoint illustrations I use during lectures, as mentioned earlier. There are also links to a few related websites. If you want to learn more about a particular topic, go to the index page, click the button for References, and look under your topic of interest. You will find key references grouped as easy, intermediate, and advanced. If you don't find what you are looking for contact me.

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