BIO 346 Human Biology (K. Kalthoff)

Technical Information for Spring 2014

This page contains mostly semester-specific information. For general information please go to the home page. Any missing semester-specific information will be added as it becomes available.

Prerequisite Bio 325 with a grade of at least C
Course Web Site:
Lectures: TTh 9:30 - 11:00 CPE 2.208
Discussion Sections 50635 F 11-12 ENS 109
  56040 F 12-1 ENS 109
  56045 M 2-3 GEA 114  
  56050 M 3-4 WAG 308
First Day of Class: 14 January
First Discussion Sections 24 January
First Midterm Exam: 11 February
Second Midterm Exam: 25 March
Last Day of Class: 01 May
Final Exam: 09 May (Fri 9-12 noon))




Dr. Klaus Kalthoff

Office / Hours: BIO 314 / Tuesday 11 am - 12 noon, or by appointment*
Telephone: (512) 471-1412
Teaching Assistant: Alejandro Berrio
Office / Hours: PAT 58 / by appointment*



*Students requesting an appointment should send an e-mail with several time slots that would work for them, and let the instructor/TA pick a slot that fits his schedule as well.

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