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Old Exams

This web site allows you to view exams that were given in previous ZOO 313 and ZOO 323 courses, which were the precursors of BIO 346. Many students have asked me to make these old exams available to them, and I am complying, although with some reluctance. If you find old exam questions asking for specifics that were not covered in the rendition of the course that you attended, keep in mind that my lectures change as the field of human biology and my perception of it evolve. If this confuses you or has you excessively worried, it may be better for you to use my class outlines, your notes from lectures and discussion sections, and the assigned readings for your exam preparation, which is what I recommend to do anyway. If you still want to see those old exams, help yourself by clicking any of the classes below.

Fall 96
Spring 97 Plan I
Spring 97 Plan II
Fall 97
Spring 98 ZOO 313
Spring 98 ZOO 323

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