PowerPoint Presentations for Dr. Kalthoff's - Bio346
(Numbers refer to textbook chapters)
Number Presentation
01 Welcome to BIO 346 Human Biology
02 Who is Who Among the Primates
03 Two Taxonomies for the Hominoidea
04 Hominin Evolution
05 Habitual Bipedalism and Hand Precision Grip
06 Tool Making of Monkeys, Apes and Hominids
07 Language and Brain Evolution
08 The Role of Infectious Disease in Human Evolution and History
09 The Human Genome Project
10 Cloning and Stem Cells
11 Human Gene Therapy
12 Senescence
13 Nature and Nurture
14 Heritability of Continuously Variable Traits: Twin Studies
15 Human Behavioral Genetics
16 Sex Determination and Development of Reproductive Organs
17 Hormonal Control of Brain Development and Behavior
18 Introduction to Sociobiology
19 Sociobiology of Human Behavior
20 Sex and Gender
21 Aggression, Cooperation, and Kindness
22 World Population Growth
23 Earth’s Human Carrying Capacity
24 Environmental Degradation
25 Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
26 Energy and Environmental Degradation
27 Species Extinction

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