PowerPoint Presentations for Dr. Kalthoff's - Bio301C
(All files are in PDF format)
Number Topic
01 Course Organization / Scientific Method
02 Who is Who Among the Primates
03 Diversity and Unity of Life
04 Hominin Evolution I: Bipedalism and Stone Tools
05 Hominin Evolution II: Brain, Language, and Agriculture
06 Germs, Colonialism, and Darwinian Medicine
07 What Is Life?
08 Flow of Genetic Information: DNA, RNA, and Protein
09 Genetic Analysis of Peas and Humans
10 What Twins Can Tell Us About Nature and Nurture
11 The Human Genome Project
12 Cloning and Stem Cells
13 Human Gene Therapy
14 Sex Determination and Sex Differentiation
15 How Male and Female Brains Become Different
16 The What, How, and Why of Animal Behavior
17 The Gene Propagation Game
18 Does Biology Drive Human Behavior?
19 Aggression and Cooperation
20 World Population Growth
21 Earth's Carrying Capacity
22 Environmental Degradation
23 Energy and the Environment
24 Endocrine Disruptors
25 Species Extinction

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